1.0.19 - sprite reloading and imrovements


  • Sprite reloading! Call sprite_set_live anytime and your sprite will be updated whenever you change it from GameMaker or via external software. 


  • Specifying server URL as `undefined` will have GMLive not attempt to connect while still allowing to use it's other functions.
  • Variable access and function calls now work on deactivated and destroyed instances, save for a few exotic use cases.
  • Expanded documentation with more FAQ type topics.


  • Fixed GMS2-specific `0x` (instead of `$`) hexadecimal prefix not working.
  • Fixed GMS2-specific `return;` (instead of `exit`) syntax not working.


[archive] GMLive (for GMS1.4).gmez 448 kB
Version 1.0.19 Jun 17, 2018
[archive] GMLive (for GMS2.2.5).yymp 533 kB
Version 1.0.19 Jun 17, 2018

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