1.0.71 - GML updates and fixes

GML updates

Did you know that any time a new thing is added to GML, I have to re-create it from scratch for GMLive?

  • Non-4-hex escape sequences like "\u65" and "\u000065" are now supported.
  • Added support for GM2023’s Script.staticVar (note: doesn’t work on HTML5 because struct_get can’t read variables from static_get’s structs)
  • Added support for $"" strings.
  • Added support for {a, b} shorthand that’s in beta build.

Other additions

  • 9-slice sprites are now supported.
  • I have added support for animation curve reloading, but it currently doesn’t work due to two separate bugs related to updating contents of an existing curve.
    Check back after a couple GM updates.
  • Added live_sprite_updated, live_path_updated, and live_animcurve_updated callbacks to make it easier to track other resource live-reloads.


  • Since extra optional arguments are being added to built-in functions every other month now, GMLive will no longer shout at you for providing too many arguments for a function call. This can be controlled using live_allow_trailing_args (a boolean global variable).
  • All global scripts are now accessible from game start - without having to wait for “ready” message.


  • Fixed div sometimes performing non-integer division
  • Fixed some issues with room reloading on specific runtime versions because json_parse would cap numbers to -2147483648 .. 2147483647 range (and colors were stored as unsigned integers in 0 … 4294967295 range)
  • Fixed nested macros not working unless written inside the current code file.


  • It would appear that HTTP requests don’t work in LTS on HTML5 target, so the extension is not usable there.
  • I had to rewrite most of the tokenizer code to make $"" work so it’s possible that I have added a few bugs in process of doing so.
  • Now that I’m writing this I recall that I was going to also add support for macros inside extensions, but that’ll be in the next release now.

Hotfix (1.0.70)

  • Fixed global functions that share the name with their container script resource not calling correctly in “live” code.
  • Extension macros in non-GML files are now indexed.

Hotfix (1.0.71)

  • Fixed multi-line comments working half of the time (as in, the code was reading two characters at a time, often missing the end of the comment.


GMLive (for GMS2.3 and GM2022+).yymps 895 kB
Version 1.0.71 Jun 12, 2023

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