1.0.67 - small fixes and live_auto_call


Having noticed that macros can now reference argument array (since when?), I made a macro that you can use instead a normal live_call. So, instead of

if (live_call()) return live_result;

you can do


and that’s it. The macro will automatically pack up the script arguments and pass that array to GMLive. Taking advantage of being able to fit boilerplate code into the macro, it is also slightly more efficient than packing arguments yourself and calling live_call_ext.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed function signatures for show_debug_message, array_concat, array_union, array_intersection, string, string_join, string_join_ext, string_concat.
  • Added (for the second time now) the missing zlib.ndll
  • GMLive server now indexes scripts with name containing “macros” (case-sensitive) first, should you want to make your own macros for GMLive’s functions.


GMLive (for GMS2.3 and GM2022+).yymps 895 kB
Version 1.0.67 Dec 15, 2022

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Hello, any way to buy the asset in Venezuela? it looks amazing (gms 1.4)

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I’m in Ukraine so there’s not a whole lot of other payment processors I can use except for maybe Skrill, but you can send me an email with a short summary of what you can/cannot use anyway and we’ll see.

Perhaps it was always this way and I am misremembering, but it seems that a room does not trigger a live reload update when you change an instance's creation code and save. If you do a more basic room change like move an instance to a new position then it will live reload when you save (and that will bring in the new changes to any instance creation code as well).

Is GMLive supposed to listen for instance creation code changes while doing live room reloading?

Not trying to complain here, GMLive is objectively the greatest GameMaker tool of all time! Just wondering if maybe this could be an added feature in the future or something.

Changing Room Creation Code used to update “last modified” time on the room YY file (which is what GMLive watches) but it no longer does. There’s a whole range of these now.

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[live][2/17/2023 12:49:31 AM] Scriptname[L622,c56] `string` takes 1 argument, got 2

string function can now receive more than one parameters.

You can override function signatures using live_function_add. An update is coming… sometime soon - have to support “ScriptName.staticVar” too

I have a problem using the html5 module with the gmlive extension. The game quits, and the debugger says os_orientation_lock is not defined in file.

Try updating/re-importing GMLive - I fixed the game not starting due to HTML5 runtime missing functions two months ago.

It seems like at least 1 function signature was missed - array_unique (to other users: put live_function_add("array_unique(array, ...)", array_unique) at the end of the obj_gmlive create event). Also the macro is working nicely 🌛

This is so awesome

Thanks for this update! I think gmlive-server-alt.exe has lost the icon again :)


Oh, I’m aware - the post-build script responsible for setting up the C# app icon was sitting in bin/ folder

… which was reasonably added to .gitignore

… so the only copy is currently on my desktop PC

… which I’m not able to turn on very often due to blackouts

Surely in the next release.