1.0.72 - Assorted fixes

  • Constructors no longer try to use Script.staticVar.
    It was good fun, but this creates a number of issues that are hard to solve in current GML
  • Positions in errors are now reported as [line X, col Y] instead of [LX,cY]
  • GMLive will now warn you that you forgot to pass your script arguments to live_call.
  • Fixed live_method/live_method_get_self not calling the original function with live_enabled=0
  • Fixed some skeleton functions not being called in instance context.
  • Fixed script names inside “live” code showing up as “unknown” in errors.
  • Added GMLive_noDeactivate script with a few macro tricks that prevent the user from accidentally deactivating obj_gmlive.


GMLive (for GMS2.3 and GM2022+).yymps 895 kB
Version 1.0.72 68 days ago

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