1.0.42[/43] - Various fixes

This version brings a few changes:

  • I fixed an issue where background colors layers in “live” rooms would turn invisible, causing some users to believe that instances are being duplicated or stacked over previous room.
    This is caused by a (recent?) GameMaker bug where doing
    var m = json_decode(@'{"f":4280186009}'); show_debug_message(m[?"f"]);
    would show -14781287 instead of the expected number.
  • GMLive now supports configuration-specific macros (#macro Config:name expr), although the support is relatively basic and will not handle configuration inheritance (only checking if configuration matches the current one), as that information is not available at runtime.
  • Fixed with (<struct reference>) not doing anything.
  • GMLive is now compiled without use of accessors, which should make it easier to use with Quality Structures’ drop-in extension.

Don’t forget to update your server executable!

Also I forgot to remove “GMLive - copy” (which I compare to the new build to verify that there are no unwanted changes) but I do not want to spend even more time trying to upload the updated package to GM Marketplace (which it randomly rejects with no error message). The extra file can be safely removed.


GMLive (for GMS2.3 and GM2022+).yymps 895 kB
Version 1.0.40 Feb 08, 2021

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