1.0.34 - 2.3.1 compatibility and various fixes

Additions & improvements:

  • Added a bunch of API functions for exposing/overriding entries for “live” code.
  • GMLive-server now has an icon on Windows (also wrote a post about this).
  • GMLive-server now sets window title on Windows.
  • GMLive-server is now a little clearer with startup errors.
  • Organized documentation a little.
  • Added “singleton” code back to obj_gmlive to avoid oddities when accidentally creating another obj_gmlive.


  • Fixed 2.3.1 support (got rid of now-amiss constant).
  • Fixed support for enums that reference other enums.
  • Fixed a certain 64-character console-specific function causing issues for GMLive.
  • Fixed issues with global array access (view_camera, view_xport, etc.).


[archive] GMLive (for GMS2.2.5).yymp 533 kB
Version 1.0.34 Nov 17, 2020
GMLive (for GMS2.3 and GM2022+).yymps 895 kB
Version 1.0.33 Nov 17, 2020

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Thank you sooooo much for fixing the view_camera stuff. I use that a lot in my draw events so it's gonna be awesome to use this properly again.