1.0.31 - and a few more 2.3 fixes

Smaller things this time around:

  • Switched back to having all GMLive internal variables prefixed to avoid this bug (which I thought was fixed)
  • Fixed "delta_time" not working in live code (this is also caused by a GM bug)
  • "live_enabled" now works for stripping out most of GMLive code entirely in 2.3
    Note that you can get "Error on load - could not find script" if you reference undocumented parts of GMLive in your code without checking for live_enabled prior.

If you are wondering why the extension is skipping versions, that's because Marketplace uploads fail validation and I have to re-upload them to website manually.


GMLive (for GMS2.3 and GM2022+).yymps 895 kB
Version 1.0.31 Sep 01, 2020

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