1.0.26 - various fixes


  • live_execute_string now takes optional rest-arguments that will be available as argument[] in executed code.


  • Macros with live_call in them are now supported - you can now do
    #macro alive if (live_call()) return live_result
  • Statement macros are now supported.
  • Switch-blocks with non-constant expressions are now supported.
  • The server window now sticks around in case of errors.


  • Fixed a handful of function signatures.
    (argument errors in GMLive where they don't error in normal GML)
  • Fixed an issue with nested macros.
    (if a macro A referenced macro B, using macro A wouldn't auto-include 
  • Fixed tilesets not being accessible by asset name in live code.
  • Fixed `var a, var b` not being considered valid syntax.
  • Fixed `in` not being allowed as identifier in live code.

Currently without a GMS1 release since I found another hard-crash bug, obviously that's not getting fixed (GMS1 having been sunset a while ago and all), and it is very time-consuming to workaround such things.


[archive] GMLive (for GMS2.2.5).yymp 533 kB
Version 1.0.26 Jul 25, 2020
GMLive (for GMS2.3 and GM2022+).yymps 895 kB
Version 1.0.26 Jul 25, 2020

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