v1.0.8 - fixes and improvements

Current tendency of rolling out one build per day is purely because people keep finding small things that don't work as expected in some project of theirs, I fix those, and publish a build in the end of the day so that no one else has to deal that.

  • Fixed "null" being falsely recognized as a keyword (it's alias of "undefined" in web version of GMLive)
  • Enums and macros are now only inspected by GMLive unless they are actually used in the live script in question.
    (that is, no more warnings in console because you have a wacky macro defined and used elsewhere in the project)
  • Fixed GMS2 version not recognizing auto-generated compatibility scripts (because the directories have a "@" before the name).
  • IDE-like names (obj_test:Step) are now used instead of runtime-specific names (gml_Object_obj_test_Step_0) in reported errors.
  • Removed the "!" popup upon encountering a structure check error that was used as breakpoint for debugging and was accidentally left in 1.0.8 release.

Reminder: when updating, remove and re-import the extension and it's included files.

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