v1.0.4/1.0.5 - fixes and improvements

  • Fixed backgrounds not being recognized by their resource name in GMS1 version.
  • Fixed a few global arrays (such as view_xview[]) not being recognized.
  • Fixed gamepad_button_check_pressed in particular not being recognized (typo in definitions).
  • Fixed a few helper functions (live_call_ext/live_defcall/live_defcall_ext) being amiss.
  • Fixed column/row indexes being swapped in 2d array read operations (arr[i,k]).
  • Fixed enum value related errors not displaying line-column information.
  • Fixed GMS2 version not looking for functions in extensions (depending on factors).
  • gmlive-server can now be placed one directory deep in included files without having to specify the project directory manually.
  • Error positions are now in [L<row>,c<column>] format since people weren't getting what [<row>:<column>] meant.
  • There's now a obj_gmlive included in GMS1 version instead of instructions how to make one.
  • Rewrote the instructions for GMS1 installation (video later).
  • netlog.exe is now included in main GMS1 extension again for ease of installation.
  • 1.0.5: Fixed a crash if a script/event contains invalid code by game start (e.g. you edited it while the game was starting up).

For clarity: when updating, remove and re-import the extension and it's included files.

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