v1.0.3 - hotfixes

  • Fixed built-in constants having mixed-up values for some people.
    I don't actually know what happened there - runtime would semi-randomly skip random script arguments or calls in initialization so I had to break it down into smaller scripts until it stopped doing that.
    (the exact same projects would still work for me and other users)
  • Fixed current config' macros not being loaded in GMS1.
  • Fixed audiogroups not being recognized by their resource-name.
  • Fixed "<"/">" sometimes remaining as &"lt"/"gt"; (which is how they are stored in original file) due to decoding error in GMS1 events.
  • Removed netlog.exe from included files in GMS1 extension because there's another copy of it inside netlog.gmez anyway.

For clarity: when updating, remove and re-import the extension and it's included files.


GMLive.gmez 309 kB
Nov 18, 2017
GMLive.yymp 564 kB
Nov 18, 2017

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