Shader reloading sneak peek, gmlive-server mini-fix

Firstly, I have exciting news! Using what is best described as series of high-end delightful hacks, I was able to implement shader live reloading, which will be available in the next update.

For the initial release this will work for GMS2+Windows, but later might be able to expand this to cover HTML5, and, possibly, Mac/Linux.
At this time it is hard to tell whether supporting GMS1 would be practical, as the shader mechanism (D3D9 vs D3D11) is different.

Also, if you are getting a 0xc000007b error when trying to run gmlive-server, I now uploaded "Unzip this to your included files if gmlive-server doesn't" that was previously found as a dropbox link in discussion topic. These will be included in the next update.


Unzip this to your included files if gmlive-server doesn't 217 kB
Jan 12, 2020

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Can't download file, still unable to start server

Define “can’t download file”, did you follow the instructions?


Please try for GMS1 as well? There are a good number of us who still use it :)



Can't wait for that next update! This would help so much with shader dev.

Any recommendations for shader tools with GameMaker Studio 2?