1.0.23 - room reload fix, server reliability

  • Fixed create events mostly not running when reloading rooms
  • Server now shows how long the initialization phase took
  • Server no longer closes if the game aborts HTTP request while the server's getting the response ready
  • If init takes so long that the game's HTTP request times out, init response is cached for next request.
    This should fix the game not connecting to server if your game is way too large.
  • Updated to the current version of Haxe and sfgml, hopefully to no side effects.


[archive] GMLive (for GMS2.2.5).yymp 533 kB
Version 1.0.23 Dec 22, 2019
[archive] GMLive (for GMS2.2.5 and catch_error extension).yymp 622 kB
Version 1.0.23 Dec 22, 2019

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