A few fixes and a farewell

  • I have removed the stray trace() call that was added while I was chasing some bug before the previous update
  • I fixed an issue where the frame wouldn’t appear if your game was residing in a directory with spaces in the path (that’s Windows for you).

I’m also pleased to inform that I recently released a much better extension for both not freezing the game window and borderless fullscreen, which does not suffer from any of the issues inherent to the approach used in this extension. Have a look!

And if you are one of the two dozen or so people that left any kind of a donation on this extension, you can contact me from your purchase email and I’ll send you a download key for the new one


window_frame (GMS1.4).gmez 28 kB
Dec 10, 2022
window_frame (GMS2.2).yymp 69 kB
Dec 10, 2022
window_frame (GMS2.3 & GM2022+).yymps 92 kB
Dec 10, 2022

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