Permanent buffs and small fixes

  • I fixed loadout import/export buttons (the ones on the bottom) not working.
    The way Terraria stores loadouts is that your active loadout is where the items were before, and the other loadouts are stored in the end of the file BUT your active loadout just has blank items there and they get moved when you switch them. This offers a wide range ways to mess things up.
  • All item/export now uses (mostly-readable) JSON instead of a binary format.
  • I fixed unchecked checkboxes being slightly wider than checked checkboxes.
    The thing is, checkboxes in Terrasavr are literally just [x] text, but a space isn’t necessarily the same width as x, and also Terrasavr supports multiple fonts (in fact, any font you have installed - you can enter a name on the language tab) including the game’s custom font, so this took some tweaking.
  • I fixed localization tester failing if a file is saved in UTF-8 encoding with BOM marker, which is apparently something that many text editors add without asking you first.
  • You can now edit persistent buffs!
    That includes the familiar expert mode accessory flag, but also the DD2 event completion flag and all of the new stuff from 1.4.4 (enough of it that I had to make a new tab).
    Note that town NPC flags are stored in the world files instead of the player files - just give yourself the items instead.

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