Further 1.4.4 tweaks

  • Loadout editing is now supported.
    You can switch loadouts on the equipment tab.
    Writing this post I realize that switching loadouts in Terrasavr will not switch which loadout is selected in-game, but this doesn’t matter much.
  • Terrasavr-created characters now load fine in 1.4.4.x.
    (previously they were missing the loadout part of the file, which could be fixed by using Rename in Terraria)
  • Terrasavr-created characters no longer have ruler enabled by default.
    (this is the only setting where default value isn’t 0)

Boring things that you cannot see:

  • I had to implement saving/loading for Journey mode sliders and checkboxes (the ones on the left of your inventory), which is completely useless for Terrasavr but is the only way to get to the loadout bytes.
  • I restructured how Terrasavr stores the items for display/editing (read: not as a very long list), which is a bit of a necessity since across inventory, loadouts, and personal containers you can now store over 300 items total.

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