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This page offers an offline-friendly version of Terrasavr.

Once you have launched it once (and it has synchronized files with the online version), you can run if offline and it'll continue showing the last update that it downloaded.

Note: for the same reason (syncing from site), itch files are not updated at the same time as site version is - only when changing features specific to offline UI.

If you are using a Chromium-based browser, you may also install Terrasavr as a web app much to the same effect.

If something breaks, tell me on Twitter or on Terraria forums' topic.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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Terrasavr+.zip 1 MB
Version 2023-03-22
Terranion (mini-wiki).zip 3 MB
Version 2022-10-06
Terrasavr-Win.zip 54 MB
Terrasavr-Linux.zip 59 MB
Terrasavr-Mac.zip 60 MB
Terrasavr for Flash Player (for 1.3.5 and lower).swf 1 MB

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I downloaded Terrasavr-Win and it is stuck at loading screen. Please help me

Try Terrasavr+ instead - that one’s just a page that you download, not a whole app.


does this work with tmodloader characters?

Won’t hurt to try, but I wouldn’t have my expectations high - a TModLoader character editor ultimately has to be a TModLoader mod so that it knows what all the new items are.

(1 edit)

there is a bug where when you apply modifiers to weapons, they default to the worst ones. Example: Mythical tunrs into Lazy or Ignorant. (This is probably not a bug, but something that ReLogic did to combat the use of this)

(1 edit)

If you apply an incompatible modifier, the game changes it to whatever it feels like when you load the character.

I’m yet to figure out a reliable way to tell which modifiers an item is compatible with to indicate this in Terrasavr.

The save/load for the equips section only affects the ammo while everything else stays the same.

I am assuming the loadouts messed it up.

It looked like you have not checked the Terraria forums for the past three weeks, so I thought I would mention it here.

I have seen the report but I’ve not gotten to it yet - I’d like to also rewrite it to use JSON instead of a fragile binary format. You can get an overall impression of how many projects I’m maintaining in my spare time if you follow me on itch and GitHub.

Ah, okay.

I just wanted to confirm that you did see it. I guess I should have mentioned that.

I have actually been following you on itch, and checking out your GitHub and blog from time to time.

As an amateur programmer myself, much respect.

Why does my character say (UnknownError) I did everything right and it keeps doing it

1.4.4 added a few hundred bytes worth of data at the end of file (mostly loadout items and some flags such as for… unlocked carts, apparently?), which characters created in Terrasavr from scratch don’t have, much to game’s disappointment.

You can either:

  1. Create a character in Terraria and then edit it in Terrasavr.
  2. Use “Rename” button on character select screen in Terraria, which causes the game to re-save the character along with new data.
    (as to why the game doesn’t offer to do this automatically, that’ll remain a mystery)

The next update (maybe today or tomorrow - it’s a bunch of work) will have loadouts implemented so that will be gone.

The Labor of Love update changed the maximum number of buffs and debuffs on the player from 22 to 44, but Terrasavr's buff section has not increased in slots yet.

I suppose you missed that part because it was only mentioned in the full change log inside spoilers.

I did not miss it, but I did not think that people would want to see all 44 of the buffs in Terrasavr. I have since uploaded a new version that adds the two extra rows to UI.

update for 1.4.4?

Updated 1 hour before your comment - may need to hard-refresh (Ctrl+Shift+R)

Irá ter para Android??

You can open the web version of Terrasavr in mobile browsers.

Is there/are you planning on making an offline version of your Journey Mode Research Tracker?


I can look into that for the next version - I think I can get that one to work when the page is saved since it doesn’t do anything remotely complex.

Thanks for the reply!

This would be a very useful tool for me, since I am a bit of a completionist :)

Does it work on Terraria 1.4.3?

Updated earlier today - may need to hard refresh (Ctrl+Shift+R in browser, use the menu in the downloadable version)

Great,thank you!


thank's bro

Hey what about offline app for mobile

Picking “add to home screen” should cache the app for offline use.

Hey, is there any mirror for the offline versions? I'm facing a 403!

As in, when downloading the ZIP from itch.io? Pretty cursed if so. And what version do you need?

Deleted 3 years ago

That's right. Several times, different ETA. I'm aiming at the Windows version.

Here you go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sxcmScBys6gANaBgkXWsUC87ptgqTanq/view?usp=sharing

Thank you man 😄

Hi are you gonna update terrasavr to lasted update of Terraria?
Because ive noticed new item from update are shown as unknown in terrasavr.

I did update Terrasavr few days ago. If you are using the offline version and it's still showing the update date as June/July, pick View➜Force reload. In browser, that is done via Ctrl+Shift+R.

tnx its working correct now

I keep getting a 500 internal service error.

My entire website is down (so downloading the offline version won't work if you never ran it prior to cache the files), but you can use the archive https://web.archive.org/web/20200901123819/https://yal.cc/r/terrasavr/

When i get ingame with the terrasavr created character it has the grid that u get from the ruler item permanent enabled any clue how to fix is that a common bug with the new terraria version? not that big of a deal but still annoying when i play 

That's an setting in the options menu, isn't it? Might be saved per-character

nah not the grid option in the settings its like i have thr ruler item equipped but i dont its like the big blue grid that also tells u the specific block measuremeants thanks for the pretty quick reply tho

If you can send me the character file via email/discord, I can take a look at whether it has anything to do with Terrasavr

Terraria doesn't read the edited character, even after changing the name.

I'm on mobile Terraria

I use esfile explorer.

I do not have an Android device at hand, but ES does not seem to be showing file extensions at all, meaning that the downloaded file might not be a PLR. Try something more technical like Total Commander.

The character shows up as a blank with a red question mark (?) In the game character menu

If you are copying a character from PC, make sure to change version on the first tab to be what the mobile is (1.3.x) and not 1.4+

I'm doing it all on mobile, and I make sure it's on the 1.3.x setting.

Can't download it I tried using Flash Player (Updated it 4 times)
tried using chrome to open but it downloaded the file again

Same as with person below - you probably need flash player projector, not just a regular one.

Okay I downloaded it and I know its compatible because my I'm using chromium and my pc is 32bit (Download the Flash Player content debugger for Opera and Chromium based applications – PPAPI)  So now how to I open the .swf file? Because every time I try opening it using chrome it redowloads Terrasavr.swf

You need the "Download the Flash Player projector" for your according platform. Not a content debugger. Not projector content debugger. Just projector. Projector is like a video player, but you give it SWF files to play.

Okay. Thank you, and sorry for being stupid

Somehow i only see  a blank screen when i open the .swf file. The flash version on website works fine though... Can you help me?

It's possible that your flash player projector is broken and/or outdated and you'd need to download a new one.

Been using this for probably more than a year, paid a small coffee i guess.. Good program.

Thank you!

I can download the game, but somehow, when I run Terrasavr.swf, this message appears.

ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property setTo not found on flash.geom.Rectangle and there is no default value.

at Main/ds2x()

at Main/init()

at Main/onAdded()

at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction()

at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()

at DocumentClass()

at Type$/createInstance()

at ApplicationMain$/start()

at ApplicationMain$/init()

at lime.app::Event_Void_Void/dispatch()

at lime.app::Preloader/start()

at openfl.display::Preloader/display_onComplete()

at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction()

at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()

at NMEPreloader/onLoaded()

at openfl.display::Preloader/start()

at lime.app::Preloader/current_onEnter()

Can you help me, in by any chance?

I think you might have to update Flash Player (or pick the newest to open files if you've got a bunch installed) - that doesn't happen unless the thing is ran through a fairly outdated (pre-2013?) one.

The download doean't work in any ways. Could you please choose another website and upload again? I really like this tool because of easement. (Thanks a lot for programming this.)

Define "doesn't work"? Alternatively you can "save as" the SWF from the website directly if you must.