Offline version for Terranion!

I have made a few welcome updates to my companion/mini-wiki web application:

  • It now has an offline version!
    This is similar enough to the online version but does not require an internet connection.
  • The app is now really fast.
    Navigation is now generally instant, because you aren’t really going anywhere - the app has all the data it needs the first time you load it (save for images).
  • I updated item/NPC data to match 1.4.2.x


Terranion (mini-wiki).zip 3 MB
Version 2022-10-06 Oct 06, 2022
Terranion (mini-wiki).zip 3 MB
Version 2021-06-26 Jun 26, 2021

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I'm not quite sure how to get this working on mobile. Opening the html on chrome opens up the main page of terranion, but searching doesn't lead to any results and just stays on that same main page. I've tried adding to homescreen as well. Any ideas?

iOS or Android? And which browser? Opening saved pages on mobile is kind of weird in general

Android, trying on chrome.