A note on `room_pack_eval_script` in 2.3

If you are setting up TXR for eval script for the first time, consider using the version from GitHub (click “download repository”) - it has support for 2.3 struct literals and a fix for txr_exec being called on wrong data type;

If the creation code/variable setting code evidently runs but the variables remain unchanged, open Extensions/GMRoomPack script and replace the room_pack_raw_run_cc function (around line 108) with the following:

function room_pack_raw_run_cc(l_ccRaw,l_ccPath){
    // room_pack_raw_run_cc(ccRaw:string, ccPath:string)
    var _script = room_pack_eval_script;
    if (is_method(_script)) _script = method_get_index(_script);
    script_execute(_script, l_ccRaw, l_ccPath);

The reasoning is unclear, but under specific circumstances it was spotted that self inside the “eval” script can become the global “object” - despite the function not being tied to that.

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