Small updates

  • Added an option to compress resulting JSON.
    When exporting to an included file, the entire file will be compressed (and can be decompressed using buffer_decompress).
    When exporting to a script, the compressed string will be base64-encoded and will be decoded-decompressed on spot.
  • Added an option to split long lines when exporting to a script.
    Can be handy if your JSON lines get so long that IDE freaks out.
  • Helper tool now allows creating new included files (instead of replacing existing ones) when targeting 2.3 projects.
  • Added room_pack_reuse_tilemaps, which will prefer pushing tiles to existing ones over creating new ones.


GMRoomPackForGMS2.yymp 320 kB
Mar 18, 2021
GMRoomPackForGMS2.3.yymps 454 kB
Mar 18, 2021

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