V2 beta and GM2022.8 compatibility

This update is a complete rewrite of the extension:

  • Consistent with some of my other recent updates, the DLL is now pretty tiny (10KB total).
  • The extension has a new API - instead of creating a cursor on spot (which could take a up to a few milliseconds depending on how big it is), you prepare cursors in advance and then pick which one you want to be displayed.
    A backwards-compatible API (native_cursor_v1_compat) that does things the old way is provided.
  • The extension now supports animated cursors so that you don’t have to do that yourself.
  • There is no HTML5 version of this rewrite since I have not been informed in advance of GM2022.8 releasing and deprecating the x86 runtime.


native_cursor (for GM2022+).yymps 30 kB
Sep 09, 2022

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Yay, custom cursors are back to my game! Thank you.