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1.0.9 - buffer leak mini-fix
It came to my attention that at some point a bug was introduced to shared code, which was causing the buffer with INI string to be parsed to not be freed, meani...
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Fixed "file_ini_ instead of ini_" for 2.3
Turns out that 2.3 broke the original way the drop-in extension worked, so I have now fixed that - remove the "dropin" extension and add this script to your pro...
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A 2.3 version
This version changes each if (a) ++b; to if (a) b++; because that's no longer allowed in 2.3. That's it...
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A separate GMS2 version
This does a few things: Has GMS2 platform flags set accordingly (as importing GMS1 extensions has the console checkboxes missing, which can be confusing) Change...
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1.0.4 - GMS2.2.3 compatibilty, docs, tweaks
Fixed an issue related to GMS2.2.3+ throwing an error when passing invalid input to real() Wrote a cheat sheet for the extension. The extension no longer clashe...
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Added a drop-in extension
If you would like the built-in ini_ functions to not be broken but also would prefer to not manually edit your code (for example, if you are using an extension...
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