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Versions:  GameMaker: Studio, GameMaker Studio 2
Platforms: All of them

This extension offers functions for working with INI files that exceed the built-in ones:

  • Allows to open multiple INI files at once (as many as you want).
  • Supports escape characters in keys/values/section names (can write any string).
  • Preserves comments, order, and original formatting of the file.
  • Error-proof: Even if the file is not a valid INI at all, extension will not error.
  • Writes values in most-optimal, readable format. Quotes only if necessary.
  • Allows to work with encrypted INI files (akin to ds_map_secure_* functions).
  • Allows to load INI from string and save to string (great for HTTP/networking).
  • Allows to flush INI to disk without having to reopen it.
  • Allows to get key names and section names for iterating over them.
  • Supports all target platforms, optimized both for native platforms and JavaScript-based ones.
  • GMS1 & GMS2 compatible
  • new! Can be used as drop-in instead of built-in functions - just import file_ini_instead_of_ini.gmez, and all built-in INI functions will use file_ini instead.

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Buy Now$3.95 USD or more

In order to download this extension you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.95 USD. You will get access to the following files:

file_ini (for old versions of GMS1).zip 10 kB
file_ini (for GMS1).gmez 18 kB
file_ini instead of ini_ (for pre-GMS2.3).gmez 1 kB
file_ini (for GMS2).yymp 25 kB
file_ini (for GMS2.3+).yymps 17 kB
file_ini instead of ini_ (for GMS2.3+).zip 640 bytes

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