v9921 - u99 compatibility and extras

As you might know, after working on Nuclear Throne Together for slightly over a year, I was hired to carry over some of my improvements into the base PC version of the game.

It was good fun - the game is now substantially less buggy, runs better, and spots a couple new features.

Aside of what was added for u99 (overview), new features are as following:

New NTT-Assemble

NTT-Assemble has been updated to work with u99, also making it a little more intuitive to use.

Instead of making backups and replacing the main executable, the program now stores NTT executable in NuclearThroneTogether.exe.

If you require features that only work when launching the game from steam library (such as Steam controller configurations), you'll need to rename NTT's executable to be nuclearthrone.exe, and rename the original to be something else.

If you are having issues with installations, may need to verify integrity of game files prior to installing.

Scripting improvements

There have been series of additions to scripting functionality for mods:

  • Mods can now load/unload other mods after being given an explicit permission.
  • Added multiple functions for working with files (search, integrity checks).
  • Added multiple functions for working with sprites (changing hitboxes, duplication, frame extraction).
  • Added a document outlining many of scripting functions (also available online).
  • Added normal GML-style 2d array syntax (array[row, column]).
  • Added exception handling (try { code that may fail } catch (error text) { error handling })
  • Added template string support (e.g. with (Player) trace(`HP: ${my_health}/${maxhealth}`))
  • Added a number of drawing-related functions.
  • Added a number of instance-filtering functions (instances_).
  • Added functions for working with JSON.
  • Added functions for replacing sounds.
  • Mods can now add custom areas.
  • draw_text_nt now supports custom colors and drawing sprites inside the text.
  • (several decades of smaller changes that you can find in NTT-ChangeLog)


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