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  • You must own Nuclear Throne on Steam for this to work.
    The mod uses Steam API and cannot function without it.
  • Not affiliated with Vlambeer.
    I was not paid to do this. Donations are appreciated.
  • Low latency connection is recommended for optimal play.
    Delays above 100ms (200ms ping) may hurt a bit.

Nuclear Throne Together is an experimental mod for Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne, improving multiplayer-related aspects of the game, and, most notably, adding Steam-based online multiplayer support.

See the included text document for instructions and everything else.


Current version: 9885 (Mar 08, 2017)


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NuclearThroneTogether9885.zip 8 MB
NuclearThroneTogether9883.zip 8 MB
NuclearThroneTogether9881.zip 8 MB
NuclearThroneTogether9877.zip 8 MB
NuclearThroneTogether9843.zip 6 MB
NuclearThroneTogether9838.zip 6 MB
NuclearThroneTogether9832.zip 7 MB
NuclearThroneTogether9830.zip 6 MB