Apollo v2! (beta)

This is something that I've been time to time poking for the last year or so.

v2 is a complete rewrite of the extension,

  • The extension is now uses a much smarter GML<->Lua interop mechanism, and as such works noticeably better in previously problematic areas (such as those requiring a lot of back-and-forth between Lua and GML code)
  • You get a couple new functions (lua_state_exists, lua_state_reuse_indexes - see documentation).
  • Cleaner error handling (e.g. calling a function on a missing state throws a proper error instead of just doing nothing)
  • Fixes a couple exotic case crashes (like destroying a thread's parent state and then trying to use the thread)
  • Fully backwards-compatible API, with exception of lua_chdir, which is now lua_set_cwd (as there is now lua_get_cwd)
  • You get source code so that you can compile it yourself against arbitrary Lua versions/forks (anything equivalent to Lua 5.1 and higher will work; LuaJIT will work).
  • Due to time constraints, the beta currently only ships with a Windows binary (but you can compile it yourself)

v2 is available as Apollo-v2.gmez

Note: If you bought the extension on marketplace and would like to try out the beta, send me an email from your purchase email with your purchase date and reference number (you can find these on Purchases page), and I'll send you an Itch key - Marketplace does not support having multiple "branches" for the same asset.


Apollo-v2.gmez 408 kB
Mar 28, 2019

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