Mac OS X & Linux support, name change

The extension now has Mac and Linux versions.
Linux version works "out-of-box" (same as Windows version).
Mac version may require tinkering depending on GMS version.

Name was changed from "LUAGaMoLe" to "Apollo", since the first pun was a bit too hard to get (and too hard to memorize as a name).


Apollo.gmez 593 kB
Jun 08, 2017
ApolloDemo.gmz 2 MB
Jun 08, 2017 2 MB
Jun 08, 2017

Get Apollo - Use Lua in GameMaker games

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does this only allow inline compiled lua (with yyc) or can lua source files to be ran for adding mod support to game projects one is making?

The page specifically says that it's suitable for modding support, and both documentation and the itch demo showcase dynamic loading, so yes