But wait, there's more

As you might have already noticed, I have updated the extension's page a few times.

So, to the news - the extension can now handle fatal errors as well.
That is, you can have your game not crash upon fatal GML errors.
For most scenarios, you can also get the error information as well (a few you can't get info for, but still avoid a crash).
Effectively, exception handling, and right now.

I have also reorganized the extension's function set a little to be getter/setter styled, now that there are more functions - if you've bought the extension prior to this update, you'll need to find-replace catch_error_normal to catch_error_set_normal and alike.

Have fun!


catch_error_demo.zip 2 MB
Feb 04, 2019
catch_error.gmez 124 kB
Feb 05, 2019
catch_error_demo.gmz 2 MB
Feb 05, 2019

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