Small update and source code release

  • I rewrote most of the extension to be a smaller DLL (mere 12KB now).
    As far as I can tell, I did not introduce any side effects, but I’m publishing it as a separate download just in case.
  • I supposedly fixed a ~7:16000 chance of fatal error functionality not working in a YYC game.
  • I have released the source code for the extension.
    If you were wondering how did this even work, now you can take a look.


catch_error-for-GMS1.gmez 17 kB
Version 1.1 Sep 21, 2022
catch_error-for-GMS2.yymp 31 kB
Version 1.1 Sep 21, 2022

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Somewhat curious in how you calculated the odds of the crash…

The extension was looking for a 7-byte pattern by copying 16K blocks to an accessible location and going over them, but this did not account for the pattern being potentially at a block “edge” (e.g. 3 bytes here, 4 bytes in the next block).

lol, that would do it