Color fonts, fixes, and improvements


I have updated the tool to the current versions of Haxe and fonthx, which allows it to utilize some of the new, delicious, features.


  • There is now support for color fonts!
    Fonthx uses SVG color fonts for this, support for which varies - e.g. on my machine these work in Firefox, but not Chromium.
  • You can now choose output format between TTF and OTF.
  • You can now opt to use a simpler algorithm for tracing shapes, which produces bigger TTF files, but supports glyphs like ☉ (a shape inside a hole inside a shape)
  • There is now (inside the menu) an option to process multiple pairs of image and JSON files at once
  • A German translation
    I thought that someone had also sent me a Polish translation, but I cannot find it. If that was you and you’re reading this, please send it again.


  • I reorganized the UI to leave more space for text on controls
  • The UI now automatically takes up the available page width
  • Moved less-common controls to a drop-down menu


  • Fixed image color mode detection failing for some images
  • Fixed some oddities with glyph info overlays in Firefox

Known issues

  • Versions are currently marked as 1.0 because the way version information is stored has changed in fonthx and I have to redo my code.

Files 772 kB
Version 2023-10-04 Oct 04, 2023

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I'm speechless, this is so good

Absolutely fantastic!!! The ☉ update will be really useful. Thanks as always for your hard work~✨

Thank you so much - this is amazing!