Kerning and small improvements


I added support for defining kerning pairs!

The new field on the first tab allows you to define sets of characters and space adjustments between them - so, for example, if your font is tall enough, you can make smaller characters sit under T’s top line.

Also I’m slowly starting to understand why all font-making software costs so much - this took an entire evening instead of estimated 20 minutes due to it being really hard to figure out what is wrong with your font - for example, if you get your kerning pairs wrong, the kerning table will just be silently skipped and you’ll be stuck trying to figure out what’s wrong by comparing your binary data against output from something that works.

Small improvements

I added a tiny “calculator” to the Output tab, which should help a little with noticing that you are setting your font parameters in a way that will not work consistently across different software.


  • Added a Romanian translation by Tudor Sprînceană.

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Version 2021-02-18 Feb 18, 2021

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Thanks, this is awesome!! :D