Tweaks and fixes


  • Reduced the initial download size by factor of 9 or so.
    (by changing embedded base64 to be a separately fetched ZIP instead)
  • Added an offline version
    (which you can find on the itch page)


  • Fixed ominous clipping on fractional scales and specific rendering positions in Chromium
    (was caused by slightly-off bounding box calculation)
  • Fixed letters missing holes (only in Chromium?) under specific circumstances
    (was caused by getting "number of contours" header counter wrong, unclear why it would break only sometimes)
  • New! Fixed leading left padding in glyphs getting cut off.

Files 772 kB
Version 2023-10-04 61 days ago 772 kB
Version 2020-05-11 May 11, 2020

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