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While playing Nova Drift, I found one of my few gripes with the game to be that it's possible to lose your ship among the chaos - one moment you are enjoying the show of enemies and asteroids being sucked into a vortex hole, and then a collision sends you flying across the screen boundaries, leading to your untimely demise if your ship just so happens to be the same color as everything else on the screen.

This small mod adds options for that:

  • A choice of 5 different guide-line styles pointing at your ship location
  • Configurable background fade (helps with background scenery being too bright and/or similarly colored to your ship/enemies)
  • Asteroid outlines (handy after darkening the background via above)

Each of these can be configured by editing the included INI file.

Installing: Unzip the 4 files into the game's directory

Uninstalling: Remove those 4 files. No game files are changed so no additional cleanup is needed.

How to use: Run NovaDriftTweaks instead of the regular game executable. This launches the game executable with mod attached. Press F1..F6 to switch between guide-line styles in-game.

Compatibility: The mod should be compatible with a wide variety of game versions.

Known issues:

  • Guide-lines draw over the enemy health UI.
    It is not known if this can be easily addressed due to game's rendering order.
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NovaDriftTweaks.zip 177 kB


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Nice mod. Have you considered drawing the forward line with a different colour/width/alpha to denote the facing direction?

That's a good idea, added that (*Main).

Very nice, it looks great.