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This little mod adds various options for Nova Drift!

Visual options:

  • Guide-lines
    These come in 5 different styles and help you keep track of where your ship is and where you are aiming. Configurable size and colors!
  • Background fade
    Adjustable overlay to help keep track of ship and entities over some of the game's brighter backgrounds.
  • Asteroid outlines
    Can be enabled together with above if you made the background a little too dark.
  • Healthbars
    Circular enemies for your constructs and/or enemies. Adjustable style/size/colors.
    Twin-stick shooter controls, but at what cost?

Gameplay options:

  • Collectable tweaks
    Pull collectables from further away or disable their expiration.
    Note: disables leaderboard submission.


Unzip the 4 files into the game's directory.


Remove those 4 files. No game files are changed so no additional cleanup is needed.

How to use

Run NovaDriftTweaks instead of the regular game executable. This launches the game executable with mod attached. Press F1..F6 to switch between guide-line styles in-game.

If using Steam, you may add NovaDriftTweaks as a non-Steam app for convenience.


All options are edited using the included INI file.

Changes are loaded when the game starts up.

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NovaDriftTweaks.zip 193 kB

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this no longer works at all

The game has now moved to a non-ancient GameMaker version and currently I have no suitable tools (nor the time to re-develop them) for modding games made with these.

Presume this mod to be dead until further notice.

This is a wonderful mod, but the guide-lines will slowly be off centered the further you progress through the waves, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of them. I like the customizability of everything too. I'm not sure if you're still working on this mod or not, but it's still nice even without the guide-lines

I’m aware (it’s because the game view now gradually zooms out, which wasn’t a thing back when I made it) but I haven’t had time to look into it yet

please add a mac version

Mods like this are much harder to do for Mac games than they are for Windows games, hence why my mods are generally Windows-only.

The mod does work if you use it with a Windows copy of the game through Crossover or Parallels, but both cost money. It’s not cheap to use Mac in general.

does this work with the gog version



cool. Thanks

are you going to make this one multiplayer too? O_o

If the game had local coop, it would work with GMTogether, but it does not (and developer mentions in FAQ that it looks like a lot of work), so that’s slightly out of reach to do properly.

Nice work!
I was wondering if the source code is available, I would like to take a look and tweak some things! <3


Given the nature of work, I’m not sure if I can release the source code without any potential implications (as if the game doesn’t have enough problems with cheaters on leaderboards already).

If you have specific suggestions or GML code snippets, I can try integrating them.

If the stars align, might eventually be able to add Lua scripting to it (so that “sub-mods” could be loaded), but the effort required to do so would exceed the effort required to add official modding support to the base game, so there’s that.

I wanted to extract the "Collectable tweaks" functionality into a standalone mod since I don't need the other modifications.

But I get what you're saying, if you don't feel right about it then I won't push this further.

Anyways, great work, everything runs incredibly well ♥.

Sorry, I forgot to respond to this - you can enable/disable each part of the mod individually in the INI file.


How the hell does one mod a GMS2 game?!


Usually using UndertaleModTool, but some games (including this one) are compiled with the high-performance compiler and as result require far more complex approaches if you want to mod game logic. Hence why you don’t see many people mod Nova Drift or Heat Signature.

Nice mod. Have you considered drawing the forward line with a different colour/width/alpha to denote the facing direction?


That's a good idea, added that (*Main).

Very nice, it looks great.