Nova Drift is now a twin-stick shooter BUT your ship has legs.

Scuttle your way across the distant unknowns with this new option!

Inspired by the constant comedy of people buying Nova Drift - a game marketed with “classic arcade experience” in the first line of description - and complaining that it is not a twin-stick shooter. As a commonly rephrased Russian saying goes, “nothing is a sparrow except for a sparrow”.

A reckless disregard for any game design principles put into the game and a bit of fun.

Enable under INI section [SHIPLEGS].


  • Why does the ship have legs?
    Legs are a good way to move around freely.
  • Why do the legs move funny?
    Ever try running in vacuum? Besides, it’s not like I’m going to add procedural animation to a joke mod or anything.
  • I can go fast by holding thrust and directional controls at once
    Such things may happen to you when you have legs.
  • Why doesn’t Deadly Wake / Scorching Wake work with legs?
    I’m not actually sure but I guess you aren’t using your thrusters. At least the Firefly’s thruster cone works.

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Jan 12, 2021

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Perfection. 😆


this is glorious