Code editor updates and more tools for plugins


  • The code editor component (Ace.js) had been updated to the latest version.
    Visually things should look about the same, but work a little better, and the editor settings popup looks nicer and spots more options (as it had received a rewrite last year).
  • As indirect consequence of above, I redesigned the auto-completion popups to take advantage of new features and mimic GMS2 style.
  • Plugins now have a few more events for tracking projects being opened/closed.
  • Plugin-created editors now work more or less identically to the primary one - for instance, pressing Ctrl+S in a plugin-made code editor will save that editor's associated file, not the one bound to active GMEdit tab.

CSS changes:

  • If you change "#main .ace-tm" to "#app .ace-tm" in your custom theme editor colors, they will also apply to the auto-completion menu.


  • Fixed local variables not showing up in auto-completion in the last build as I forgot about them while refactoring for plugin support.
  • Fixed array_get/array_set not showing up in GMS2 highlighting/auto-completion, and argument_relative showing up despite being deprecated.
  • Fixed code editor(s) not realizing that they got resized when show-aside adds its sidebar.
  • Fixed splitter width being miscalculated if the target panel is not visible.


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Thanks for giving builder a shoutout!


Not gonna lie, I squee'd a bit when I saw that builder line at the end. This incredible tool just got, like 67% more incredible.