Sprite viewer, regexp search, more #import magic

Bigger additions:

  • Code editor now has a context menu
    • It has a pretty dumb "show references" thing
  • There are now tooltips for mouseovering functions, macros, variables, and so on
  • You can now import GMS1/GMS2 code editor colors as themes (see wiki)
  • There is now a sprite viewer for both GMS1 and GMS2
  • There is now regular expression search
  • Most code tabs are now restored when reopening a project

Smaller additions:

  • `///prefix ...` now gets a `ace_startswith_prefix` CSS class
  • You can now view GMS2 extension functions/macros via context menu.
  • Local variables inside #lambda functions now get a separate color
  • Global search can now show search results in #lambdas inline
  • Added a preference to control how GMS2 events are ordered for display
  • <html> now gets a hasFocus attribute in case you want your themes to change depending on window focus
  • You can now do `#import func in Name:method` or `#import prefix_* in Name:`
    (without turning every func into Name.method - only the ones for var v:Name)
  • Added a preference to open resource tree items with one click
  • GMEdit now has a taskbar icon thanks to JustFredrik


  • Thumbnails are now generated on-demand and perform much better in very large projects
  • NTT projects now have thumbnails for images
  • The item in resource tree now flashes a few times when you pick "show in resource tree"
  • Themes are now detected in the data directory so that you can remove the program directory and lose nothing
  • Auto-completion for namespaces now pops up when you type `var v:`

Breaking changes for themes:

  • Code editor rules now use `#main .ace-tm` (the editor) instead of `#main .gml` (the whole right side) so you'll need to find-replace that in your themes to be `#main .ace-tm`
  • Numbers are now just .ace_numeric instead of .ace_constant.ace_numeric to avoid requiring CSS priority


  • You can now add a "//!usevars" line to your gmedit_lambda.gml after creating it to auto-workaround this bug (GMS <= 2.2.2).
  • Recent project list is now saved into the data directory rather than localStorage.
  • Newly created scripts now open automatically for editing


  • Fixed local variables sometimes not immediately highlighting in newly added GMS2 object events.
  • Fixed replace.gml being too greedy, thus causing xstart/ystart to go missing from highlighting
  • Fixed "use tabs instead of spaces" setting not getting saved.
  • Fixed projects opened via command-line argument adding duplicate entries to recent projects list
  • Fixed GMEdit using uppercase GUIDs while GMS2 uses lowercase (causing GMS2 to lowercase them when it changes that file)
  • Fixed "#event name|desc" (no-space comment) not setting starting line to 2
  • Fixed it being possible to corrupt code with conflicting #import  declarations (#import a in v + #import b in v)
  • Fixed "invisible characters" being light gray in dark theme
  • Fixed code indexing being able to get stuck due to errors


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Version Jan 12, 2019 Jan 12, 2019

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