Inline functions! (and small improvements)



  • If a macro is pointing to a function/script/lambda, you now get argument auto-completion for it.
  • `/// (...args)` style (nameless) JSDoc is now supported.


  • `#import` highlighting now works like regular highlighting but you probably won't notice anything different
  • When you switch tabs, code editor in the new tab now automatically gets focus because that's what you probably want
  • Extension scripts are now colored like functions rather than scripts to match GM behaviour.


  • Fixed GMS2 script renames sometimes not renaming the extra files.
  • Fixed some oddities with opening GMS2 included files.
  • Fixed pointer_null not showing up in GMS1 auto-completion.
  • Fixed there being multiple auto-completion entries for the same thing if multiple extension files are redefining the same functions.
  • Fixed rename/remove context menu options being shown for some things that GMEdit can't actually rename/remove correctly
  • Fixed a few more oddities with argument status bar (there are always more)
  • Fixed blank GMS2 events saving as "undefined"
  • Fixed events.gml missing GMS1-specific view events in Other category.
  • Fixed a bug where JSDoc generator would disable syntax extensions for a single save when it added/removed something.
  • File conflict now doesn't consider \r\n<->\n as changes.

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