Script manipulation and bugfixes


  • You can now create, remove, rename, and drag around scripts and script groups.
    If you feel like helping out with other resource types, be my guest - it's non excessively hard but monotonous work (except for extensions & included files, those require different handling)
  • There's now an option to auto-complete by partial match (GMS2 style) instead of start-match (GMS1 style).
  • Added "show in directory" to the main menu.


  • Trying to open a file from a project (via Open-with, etc.) will now open the according project and then open a file tab in it.
  • Trailing whitespace is now ignored when detecting changes (fixes GMS1 projects reporting changes when it's just IDE adding/removing trailing lines randomly)


  • If you have a custom theme, you'll need to change up treeview highlight selectors from
    .treeview .heade:hover
    .treeview .header:not(:active):hover
    (same for .item and > span)
    This is to prevent item background from being visible while dragging them around.


  • The recently introduced #macro Config:name syntax now works correctly with GMEdit auto-completion.
  • Fixed auto-completion data occasionally breaking after soft reload (Ctrl+R).
  • Fixed "open declaration" not working for #import-ed identifiers.
  • Fixed variable_global_ functions not being highlighted/shown in auto-completion.
  • Fixed #args causing #imports on subsequent line to not expand.
  • Fixed #args not collapsing optional arguments on load since introduction of types.
  • Fixed file conflict message using odd precision for sizes.
  • Fixed GMX loader not working on Mac/Linux because of backslashes in extensions.
  • Fixed type magic not working for a line after #args magic.
  • Fixed type magic not working if there are no #imports.
  • Fixed type magic dot auto-completion not popping up if there's a longer variable than one being completed (#28).
  • Fixed it not being possible to open help for GMS1 functions with "color" in the name (source data is incomplete)

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