Methods, lightweight objects, GMLive.js...


  • Added "if the source file changes" option to settings.
  • Added project-wide instance variable auto-completion (GMS2 style).
  • Added method and lightweight object magic. That's right.
  • GMEdit now includes a local version of GMLive.js for quick tests - you can switch between the two via menu.


  • Done further work at minimizing the amount of reported file changes when switching between editing GMS2 resources in GMEdit and GMS2 itself.
  • Auto-completion menu items now have CSS classes matching their type to allow making them look different depending on that (take a look with Ctrl+Shift+I).
  • The editor now supports non-code-editor tabs but someone would have to make those components first (you can find a super basic sprite viewer in editors.EditSprite).
  • A few more GMS1 DnD blocks are now supported (comment, condition block, open/close bracket blocks).
  • GMS2 event comments are now presented with a "|" if they use @desc instead of @descriptions so that GMEdit doesn't override them on save.
  • Organized the menu a little.


  • Extension GML files are now indexed, which has GMEdit highlight local variables in them correctly, but also shows their scripts as, well... scripts.


  • Fixed GMS2 lookup using a GMS1 lookup file.
  • Fixed several issues with argument highlighting on the bottom.
  • Fixed it being possible to #import items twice via variations in the path (e.g. omitting extension).
  • Fixed an issue where the tab size setting could get saved as string and cause issues due to how JS handles +/- operations.
  • Fixed "don't auto-generate" #args JSDoc setting reverting to default upon load.
  • Fixed extension files being searched regardless of the global search flag.
  • Fixed some auto-completion data disappearing when doing a soft reload of project (Ctrl+R).
  • Fixed an issue where adding a GMS2 collision event from GMEdit would cause GMS2 IDE to later (after IDE restart) pretend that the object doesn't exist anymore until you change "enumb" from null to 0 by hand.
  • Fixed a few UK/US spelling highlight issues for non-GMS2 APIs.
  • Fixed GMS2 script auto-completion spotting an extra "(" in descriptions sometimes.

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