[beta] Arrow functions!


  • GMEdit now supports arrow function shorthands for 2.3! These can save you a bunch of typing when writing callbacks and alike.


  • Fixed GMS1 object renaming incorrectly adding an “extension” to .project.gmx (#177)


GMEdit-Beta-Windows.zip 90 MB
Version Jun 10, 2022 20 days ago
GMEdit-Beta-Windows-32bit.zip 86 MB
Version Jun 10, 2022 20 days ago
GMEdit-Beta-Mac.zip 84 MB
Version Jun 10, 2022 20 days ago
GMEdit-Beta-Mac-ARM64.zip 87 MB
Version Jun 10, 2022 20 days ago
GMEdit-Beta-Linux.zip 84 MB
Version Jun 10, 2022 20 days ago

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Thanks Yal, I’ve been meaning to return to using your tools, but GM devs keep adding too many new features for me to catch a break. 😅

May I ask, does GMEdit support pre-create values on instances, or are there plans to do so?


I tested code that works in GM2022.5.0.8 that uses pre-created values, but GMEdit returns error “Too many arguments”.

You can update the function signature in \resources\app\api\shared\replace.gml (and paste a new fnames file to api\v23 to have new functions)

Thank you kindly. I’ve updated instance_create_layer with an extra value, I wasn’t sure how to identify it as a structure, but leaving it blank allowed the error to clear.

I think part of my problem was also needing the latest Builder - which I’ve since updated via Github to ver 1.24, and my project is compiling via GMEdit now - thank you! ☕