An update amid a war

Things aren’t so good in Ukraine right now.

I’d recommend looking into Bundle for Ukraine if you can (goes on for 8.5 more days as of posting this)


  • Revamped Global Lookup menu to have resource type filters and support for name:type1|type2
  • Ctrl+G now has a little auto-completion menu for document symbols and regions.
  • Non-file tabs (e.g. preferences, search) are now saved with project session.
  • Added a “Lock pinned tabs” option (prevents you from accidentally closing pinned tabs).
  • Added ability to toggle fullscreen (default: F11, or in command palette)
  • Import Images button now accepts multiple files on macOS (thanks to babaganosch).
  • Themes can now specify backgroundColor for native window background, but I’m not seeing any difference on Windows

Linter and co.

  • Added support for struct-types - e.g. var p:{x:int,y:int}
  • Added support for globalvar name:type


  • Changed plugin init order so that project is guaranteed to be loaded by the time you get first project/tab events.


  • Common namespace names (e.g. sprite) are no longer highlighted in regular code.
  • Fixed GMEdit failing to load if the selected theme is malformed.
  • Fixed outline-view plugin ignoring display mode (thanks to Oracizan).
  • Fixed #164 - #import clashes with as cast
  • Fixed #162 - plugin dependencies may be loaded twice
  • Fixed #165 - #args doesn’t work for 2.3 multi-functions
  • Fixed Ace Settings’ tab size setting not saving right.
  • Fixed multiple warnings/errors on the same line causing a “bolder” background.
  • Ctrl+T now selects initial text and doesn’t insert selection if it’s multiline.
  • Fixed #168 - “asset”-typed variable definitions with no selected asset types prevent object from saving.
  • Fixed resource tree colors not being picked up for some users due to um.json changes
  • Fixed GmlTypeDef.asset using incorrect kind
  • Fixed #166 - clarifying type inference doesn’t work for maps/grids/list
  • Fixed arr[i][k] = v not working right
  • Fixed (?) syntax highlighting oddities with “combined view”
  • Fixed struct constraint not accepting constructor types
  • Fixed layer_sprite_create typing (thanks to AntonBergaker)

Hotfix (Mar 13)

  • Fixed some items not showing up in Global Lookup list
  • #RrGgBb literals will be preserved in GM2022+ projects
  • Fixed DevTools shortcut no longer working.

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Your skills amaze me and your support for Ukraine is commendable

Is this recently free?

GMEdit was always free

My apologies. I was thinking GMlive.


Absolutely incredible that you're still finding time to work on this given the situation, thanks for the update!