Snippets, YYZ, object information, bugfixes

This update is a culmination to those ~2 months of people reporting bugs faster than I could look at them.  A few cool things remain to be done, but that's for when time permits.


  • The editor can now open GMS2 YYZ archives for viewing without extracting them (drag and drop a YYZ onto editor).
  • The editor can now auto-update GMS2 /// @param or GMS1 /// script(args) lines when using #args magic.
  • You can now view object information (inheritance, children, event flow) from context menu on objects and tabs.
  • Ace-specific template-snippets are now supported - can be customized from Preferences.


  • The editor now [hackily] supports a few GMS1 actions that seem common in code-only projects ("open inherited event", "destroy instance").
  • The editor now allows "///comment" (no separating space) in events/moments without inserting a space when saving.
  • Trailing empty lines in events/moments are now preserved.
  • You can now use "#import path as" to add combine differently named items into a "package".
  • You can now use "#import global.long_thing_name as thing".
  • "navigate to definition" now works for enums, macros, and GML extension scripts.
  • Maximum number of recent projects can now be set in preferences.
  • Full tab names are now shown on mouseover.


  • GML formatter now correctly handles various #magic.
  • Fixed GMLive badges occasionally not detecting correctly in GMS2 projects (due to async I/O order of operations).
  • Fixed rare cases of GMEdit-specific preferences failing to load.
  • Fixed some code editor preferences not saving.
  • Fixed tab size setting being per-tab (supposedly there's something else to this).
  • Fixed some GMS2 scripts not displaying argument names in auto-completion.
  • Fixed labels in preferences not toggling their according input on click.
  • Fixed Global Left Button Pressed event being misrecognized.
  • Fixed a few oddities with displaying function arguments on the bottom of the program.
  • Fixed unclosed block comments in events causing highlighting/saving oddities.
  • Fixed block comments not working in coroutine scripts.
  • Fixed "navigate to definition" shortcut not working sometimes.
  • Fixed GMS1 sub-scripts not using mapping from "global" #import.
  • Fixed auto-completion and highlighting oddities when #import-ing enums.
  • Fixed cases where #args parser would insert it where it doesn't belong (e.g. into for-loop init).
  • Fixed file changes not being auto-detected for GMS2 objects and combined views.
  • Fixed active tab changing when closing an inactive tab.

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