Coroutines, global #import, Linux...


  • Added coroutines (wiki) - these can substantially simplify the way sequential code is written.
  • A global.gml file can now be added to #import subdirectory for project-wide import rules.
  • If you use GMLive, the editor can now show small indicators in resource tree for files which have live reload enabled.
  • There's now a pre-packaged x64 Linux build.


  • Application menu button now opens a conventional context menu instead of being just a Preferences toggle.
  • You can now set/reset normal and open (for folders) custom icons separately, and there's a menu item to open custom CSS file for easier access.
  • There are now "expand all" / "collapse all" options in treeview context menus.


  • Fixed local variable detection breaking if semicolons are omitted.
  • Editor no longer registers a system-wide keyboard shortcut for opening developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+I).
  • Obsolete definitions are no longer loaded from API files (as they often lack correct tags/data anyway).
  • Fixed backups for objects/timelines denying to open via context menu (files were still intact).
  • Folding an event/moment now folds #sections inside of it like it should.

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Is Game Maker Studio 2 available for Linux?


There is no native version of GMS2 for Linux, but people did manage to get it running via WINE.

var arr = argument0;
var len = array_length_1d(arr);
for (var i = 0; i < len; i++) {    
    yield arr[i];

Given code will generate gml with mispell function call. It calls array_wget instead of array_get


array_wget is to be a custom script that just has return argument0[argument1] inside.

array_get is currently bugged and returns undefined if a variable is not an array (which makes for some confusing bugs).

I should probably publish a helper extension with predefined possible scripts for these things