Namespaces, search editing, custom icons, ...


  • Added #import (namespace) magic (see wiki).
  • Code can now be edited from search results, which updates the source files.
  • There's now an auto-formatting command (Ctrl+F2/Meta+F2) by topherlicious.
  • Object icons now show in resource tree (can be disabled in preferences).
  • You can now set custom icons for anything seen in resource tree, including recent projects.


  • Event headers are now shown on event declaration line, when possible.
  • #args magic no longer collapses arguments if it's clear that there are non-magic arguments afterwards.
  • Tabs now have a small context menu on right-click.
  • Included files are now shown in resource tree.
  • Recent projects list now has a "remove from recent projects" context menu for items.
  • Recent projects list now styles missing projects differently and offers to remove them.
  • Global lookup (Ctrl+T) is now case-insensitive.
  • Global search now looks in GMS1 macros like it does in GMS1 itself (and there's an option not to).
  • Enum fields now display their value in auto-completion when it's easy enough to deduce.
  • Editor component now has several attributes (file-name, file-path, file-kind) in case you want to change editor styles based on context.
  • Added "open here" to context menu items - can open included files as plain text in GMEdit.
  • Auto-completion menu now pops up automatically when adding a period "." after "global" or enum name.


  • An error is now shown when trying to save an object with duplicate event declarations.
  • Tab titles with double quotes no longer cause oddities.
  • Labelled the rest of async event types.
  • Fixed empty GMX actions saving differently (no trailing newline) than those produced by GMS1 itself.

Have fun!

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