Mac version, named arguments, and many other things

  • There's now a pre-built Mac version for those unfamiliar with installing Electron.
    (application is not digitally signed so you'll have to "allow" it on the first run)
  • Added "goto" dialog (Ctrl+G). This allows to quickly navigate to a line or event in the open document.
  • Added the "#args" macro.
    This allows to specify named script arguments in a much shorter format while having the macro expanded into a regular definition upon saving the file (and contracted back upon loading).
    Needless to say, this can save a lot of typing.
  • Treeview items now have context menus shown on right-click.
  • Added the ability to open a group of scripts for editing in a combined view (via context menu/alt+click).
    This is particularly useful for GMS2 which no longer allows multiple script definitions per script file.
    (note: currently won't auto-reload on external changes to files inside the combined document)
  • Added project-wide replacing to Ctrl+Shift+F.
    There is also a separate option for previewing what you are about to do.
  • There is now an additional standard GMS2-styled theme by topherlicious.
    Also serves as an example of how to make child themes instead of copying code in it's entirety.
  • Opening declaration (F12/middle-click) of event_inherited now opens the according event in parent object.
  • Code editor settings now have the font configurable.
    Additionally, Mac now uses Menlo by default.
  • You can now use conventional scroll mode on the editor by middle-clicking on an empty spot.
  • Asset lookup (Ctrl+T) now shows assets starting with search term before the rest.

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