New year, new things!

Hello! I have just uploaded the new version of the program, which adds and improves a number of things:

  • The program now has a name, and that name is GMEdit.
  • Added local variable highlighting and auto-completion.
    To avoid this taking toll on extra large files, variables are re-checked upon saving.
    This completes coverage of GMS2-style features as far as code display goes.
  • Added a GMS2-style resource filter dialog (Ctrl+T).
  • Added a project-wide search dialog (Ctrl+Shift+F).
    (project-wide replace coming later)
  • Related to above feature, comments can now contain link-tags, such as `// @[scr_some:4]`, which can be navigated to (F12 / middle click) to open the related resource. Supported formats are as following:
    @[name]: Navigates to script/object.
    @[object_name(event_name)]: Navigates to a specific event in an object (e.g. `@[obj_some(draw)]`)
    @[destination:line number]: Navigates to a specific line in a script/event (e.g. `@[scr_some:4]` to open line 4 of scr_some).
    @[destination:text]: Navigates to first occurrence of text in a script/event (e.g. `@[scr_some:draw_set_color]`)
  • Added a recent project list to the start page.
  • Pressing Ctrl+W with no code tabs open now closes the project, taking you back to the start page.
  • You can now navigate to definition of macros in GMS2 projects via middle-click/F12.
  • Middle-clicking/pressing F12 on hexadecimal color constants ($BbGgRr/0xBbGgRr) opens a color picker dialog.
  • Code inside gml_pragma("global") is now highlighted.
  • You can now press Ctrl+Space to bring up auto-completion menu if you closed it or need it without starting to type.
  • You can now add notes to GMS1 project macros - notes are saved into a separate file (with relation to which macro they were put before).
  • Keyboard events are now generally labelled instead of having magic numbers.
  • Tab titles now overflow to the left, as it is usually the end of the name that tells things apart with GM naming conventions.
  • You can now press Ctrl+Shift+S to save all tabs
  • You can now press Ctrl+1..Ctrl+9,Ctrl+0 to switch between the first 10 tabs open.
  • Fixed a few minor oddities with syntax highlighting and auto-completion.
  • Fixed a bug with GMX attribute printing (sometimes causing audio group names to vanish when updating GMS1 project macros)

... that's actually more things than I thought I've done.

Have fun!

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Version 5 Dec 31, 2017

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