[beta] 2.3 improvements and other fixes


  • Added field hinting for 2.3!
    You can do
    /// @hint Type.staticVar
    /// @hint Type.staticMethod
    /// @hint Type:instVar
    /// @hint Type:instMethod

    And then after
    var name:Type;
    you will only get completions that you have specified.
    GMEdit will automatically hint obvious instance field declarations inside constructors, though currently without inheritance;

    You can also use just
    /// @hint :instVar
    (without type prefix) inside constructors


  • GMS2 documentation generation is no longer enabled by default.


  • Added a save comment to Vim mode.
  • Added support for editing GMS1 object properties.
  • Added support for GMS1 action_execute_script (another rare exception for code-only projects).
  • Added more validation/logging while loading projects (also see YY-Reunion).
  • Linter now understands GMS1 #action (but won't syntax-check them).
  • Rewrote JSDoc processing to be more 2.3-compatible (out-of-function docs) and generally work better for auto-detection.


  • Fixed GMS2 object properties missing a field for physics_friction.
  • Fixed a contextual indexing error in GMS1 mode.
  • Fixed `-word|` not showing completions (since Ace counts `-` as part of words by default).
  • Fixed `func(_,_,.4|)` showing that you are editing arg2 instead of 3 in status bar.
  • Fixed global variable auto-completion not showing up if doing `global.s<bksp>s`.
  • Fixed auto-completion showing up while typing #region names.
  • Fixed #args auto-generation potentially spotting {undefined} for types.
  • Fixed #define resetting line counter in search results.
  • Display #event properties/collision events as separate types for references.
  • Fixed up some oddities with #import in 2.3.
  • Fixed broken highlighting when renaming a script without changing the line count in file.
  • Fixed thumbnail generation not working right for 2.3 projects
  • Fixed one of "too many arguments" linter errors saying "not enough" instead.
  • Fixed up external_define's signature.
  • Fixed linter borking up line numbers for warnings/errors if multi-lin…e template strings are present in script.


GMEdit-Beta-Windows.zip 98 MB
Version Aug 8, 2020 Aug 08, 2020
GMEdit-Beta-Mac.zip 90 MB
Version Aug 8, 2020 Aug 08, 2020
GMEdit-Beta-Linux.zip 92 MB
Version Aug 8, 2020 Aug 08, 2020
GMEdit-Beta-App-Only.zip 11 MB
Version Aug 8, 2020 Aug 08, 2020

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