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Quality Structures

Descriptive error messages and better error handling for GameMaker data structure functions · By YellowAfterlife


Recent updates

1.0.4: Accessor helpers, updated migration tool
This update adds "out of the box" scripts mentioned in the last update and updates the migration tool to handle some edge cases better, including code like map[...
4 files
Added a migration tool!
This small tool can automatically rewrite ds_ calls in your GMS2 project(s) to use qs_, including accessors. It can help with both permanent migration and one-o...
1 file
1.0.3: Minifix for another 3 functions
This fixes qs_grid_set_grid_region, qs_grid_add_grid_region, and qs_grid_multiply_grid_region not unwrapping the secondary grid argument. That's all. P.S.: It w...
3 files
1.0.2: More functions
This pretty much completes the coverage of built-in DS functions, Added qs_*_read and qs_*_write functions. Added qs_map_secure_* functions. Added qs_type_* mac...
3 files
1.0.1: Mini-fix for 3 functions, GMS1 tweaks
If you were getting an "expects 1 argument, got X" error with qs_list_add, qs_queue_enqueue, or qs_stack_push, this new version fixes that. This version also tw...
2 files

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