1.0.2: More functions

This pretty much completes the coverage of built-in DS functions,

  • Added qs_*_read and qs_*_write functions.
  • Added qs_map_secure_* functions.
  • Added qs_type_* macros mapping to ds_type_*
    [this allows you to pretty much just find-replace "\bds_" to "qs_" in GMEdit with Regexp option]
  • Added qs_get_index(value) for converting to non-qs indexes
    (if you need to pass a QS to an unrelated built-in function that takes ds).
  • Added qs_debug_mode constant.
    (for determining whether you are using qs_one or qs_zero version)
  • Added qs_debug_dump(value) for formatted printing.


quality_structures_gms2.yymp 22 kB
Oct 17, 2019
quality_structures_one.gmez 15 kB
Oct 17, 2019
quality_structures_zero.gmez 3 kB
Oct 17, 2019

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