May 10, 2018

  • Optional argument initialization now prefers ternary operator if available,
    e.g. function some(a = 1) would use var a = argument_count > 0 ? argument[0] : 1;
  • (enum instance).getName() can now be used for @:nativeGen enums when the type is known compile-time.
  • Added sfgml-timestamp directive, which can be set to false to not add the "generated at X" comment on top.
  • If sfgml-main is set to empty string and contains no code, it is trimmed from output.
  • Added Buffer.kind extern.
  • Added Buffer.writeBuffer shortcut.
  • SfRest now adds +1/-1 to accompanying constant
    e.g. (rest.length > 0) with 1 preceding argument becomes (argument_count > 1)
  • Fixed type information grid not having sf-std-pack prefix if set.

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Version May 10, 2018 May 10, 2018

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